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Creating All-Natural Soap Since 2003

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Enjoy a Natural Clean Feeling With Every Wash

Start treating your body better with a natural approach to bathing with our fascinating soap products. At Soaps by Jan - All Natural, we specialize in everything that is pure and clean for your body. Whether you're interested in soap, lotion, oil or natural perfume, you'll find it right here. We use never use artifical colors, flavors or fragrances. Artificial fragrances can often be harmful for our body, which is why we are dedicated to producing products that only contain clean, essential oils.

Peppermint Sage Peppermint Sage

Keep your body feeling pureand natural with a variety of sensual soaps, perfumes, oils, and lotions from Soaps by Jan - All Natural. We create clean products made with essential oils that are healthy for your body.

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You can find Jan at various venues and events around the area. We love sharing our products and helping people find a better solution for their bathing and cleaning needs. Stop by one of these events soon.

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About Soaps by Jan - All Natural

Here at Soaps by Jan - All Natural, we only use the finest based and essential oils in our products. Many of our herbs are grown here naturally. There are no artificial fragrances, colors, or flavors in our products. Feel the difference that nature offers as it gives a sensual clean like no other. Our Huntington, West Virginia-based soap company offers a variety of natural products.

Our company started because there were no soaps on the market that we could ever use. Everything caused an outbreak and at first we thought it was allergic reactions to anything scented, but we soon found that our owner had an allergic reaction to anything with artificial fragrances. Jan would use her coworkers as guinea pigs with some natural soap products she created, and they told her to start selling them immediately. For more than 10 years now, we have been creating natural products that are specially made.

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